January 29, 2022


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6ix9ine Arm Wrestles YouTube Fitness Influencer Bradley Martin And This Is What Happened

6ix9ine despises being put in a box. The New York rapper is usually out of the limelight when he isn’t insulting fellow rappers or displaying bodacious jewels.

Despite the fact that he’s performed at a few events since venues began to open, the 6ix9ine narrative has largely been on his Instagram feuds.

However, the rapper took a detour from his sleazy trolling this week to team up with Bradley Martin and SteveWillDoIt, the popular Nelk gang’s Youtuber-fitness influencer-party animal pair.

6ix9ine shows off his skills in the video, doing anything from arm wrestling Martin to demonstrating his own training regimen.

After waiting for a few minutes, the rapper lost the arm-wrestling battle almost instantly.

Still, he seemed genuinely interested in Martyn’s gym regimen, inquiring about the length of his exercises and his weight.

6ix9ine then revealed his own unconventional exercise plan after falling short of Martyn’s 17 pull-ups with his own 14. Surprisingly, after a four-mile run, he appears to utilize his Rolls Royce as a sauna.

6ix9ine continued to work out with the two at his own gym after that.

The rapper’s new fitness emphasis is a welcome change of pace after his last-minute coffee and weight-loss drug overdose.

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