January 24, 2022


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A Beheaded Body Fell Out Of A Car At An Accident Scene Leading To The Arrest Of A Russian Cannibal

A beheaded body was recovered at the scene of a vehicle accident, and police apprehended a man who they believe to be a Russian cannibal and two other males.

TASS reports that a corpse was thrown from the trunk of a Mitsubishi after the vehicle collided with a highway fence on the side of a highway in the Leningrad area last week.

A rough translation of the article by official news agency Tass is available online.

Cops apprehended three individuals, two of whom are accused of reportedly murdering a man in a garage in St. Petersburg, Florida, before setting the garage on fire, according to the wire agency.

The suspects then fled the scene and smashed their car, but not before one of them allegedly participated in cannibalism, according to reports.

In court, 23-year-old Yegor Komarov admitted that he nibbled on his food “simply to have a taste,” according to video footage of the court hearing obtained by The Daily Beast.

“Are you ready to devour a person again?” a question from an interrogator was revealed.

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