October 15, 2021


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ABC Cancels 50 Cent Show ‘For Life’ Over Low Ratings After 2 Seasons

According to Deadline on Friday, 50 Cent’s series For Life has been cancelled at ABC after two seasons due to poor ratings for the network.

The story of Isaac Wright Jr. was the inspiration for the show.

Nicholas Pinnock, the series’ star, says it’s unfair to blame ABC for its decision, and that For Life isn’t a network broadcast. Pinnock clarified his role in a series of tweets:

I am in no way bitter with ABC for not renewing For Life for a third season. ABC has been nothing but supportive of our show, and has championed it from the start. So I won’t have you bad-mouthing them. I can tell you firsthand how great they have been to me and to our show. Sadly, the live audience numbers didn’t reflect and equal the social media attention,” he continued. “The catch-up numbers were really good, but that doesn’t fit the model of a network show.

“Unfortunately, the live audience numbers did not represent or match the coverage on social media,” he added. “The catch-up figures were fantastic, but that doesn’t match the network show model.

In order to keep the show going, Sony Pictures Television is supposed to shop it around to other networks.

“If we are able to find another home for [For Life],… I can assure you that we will continue to produce a show that is well worth your time and attention,” Pinnock added.

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