January 29, 2022


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Actor Craig McLachlan Breaks Down Alongside Girlfriend Vanessa Scammel And Claims Their Lives Have Been ‘Ruined’

Craig McLachlan claims in a new teaser for his forthcoming tell-all interview with Channel 7’s Spotlight that his life has been ‘ruined.’

The actor, 55, and his pianist partner, Vanessa Scammel, both cry in the video, which aired on Monday.

‘You see, this is not about a day’s headline; this is about destroying lives,’ McLachlan stated in the video.

‘It is not only me; you wish to crucify me? That is acceptable. Consider what it has done to my lovely partner and what it continues to do to my family on a daily basis.’

The former Neighbours star appeared dishevelled in an earlier teaser, sporting a grey beard and long hair.

‘I hope your lives are good; cherish them because they can be taken away in an instant,’ he says in the video, snapping his fingers.

McLachlan is expected to disclose everything in an upcoming interview following his acquittal on sexual assault charges.

McLachlan was acquitted of indecently assaulting actors during the run of a popular musical in December.

McLachlan maintained that his alleged sexual misconduct while on set was no more inappropriate than a cricketer patting a teammate on the bum.

Melbourne Magistrate Belinda Wallington found McLachlan not guilty of all charges in a 105-page decision.

According to Ms Wallington, McLachlan’s ‘egotistical self-righteous sense of humour’ led him to believe that at least one of his alleged victims would either ignore or find his behaviour amusing.

‘I want it to be noted that the four complainants were courageous and truthful witnesses. Ms Wallington stated, ‘I was not convinced that there was evidence of collusion between the complainants.

‘I was not convinced that there was evidence of motive or that the complaints were brought for career advancement or any other reason.’

As the contested hearing at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court came to a close, it was revealed that McLachlan’s defence had submitted 160 pages denying the charges.

He had endured months of scrutiny, including being forced to navigate media packs outside a Melbourne court with his partner Vanessa Scammel.

McLachlan was accused of sexually assaulting or indecently assaulting four complainants in Melbourne between April 26, 2014 and July 13, 2014.

The allegations surfaced after one of his alleged victims spoke out in the aftermath of the global scandal surrounding disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein.

McLachlan immediately sued The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, the ABC, and an actress for defamation following the news reports last year.

The defamation trial had been adjourned until the conclusion of the criminal proceedings in Melbourne, but is now expected to resume.

McLachlan has requested that the police reimburse him for his costs.

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