September 25, 2021


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Adult Actress Posing Nude At George Floyd Mural Found Dead

Dakota Skye, actual name Lauren Scott, was discovered dead in a camper outside Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Her family has said that she had major drug addiction difficulties, notably with alcohol and the more hazardous fentanyl, despite the fact that the cause of death is unknown.

Scott was just 27 years old at the time.

Last month, Scott was cyber-bullied after she photographed topless in front of a George Floyd painting in Santa Barbara with the statement,

“#santabarbara3 #dakotaskye equality & fair treatment for everyone on #GeorgeFloydDay The mural is fantastic.”

Fans and Instagram users slammed the adult film actress’s tweet as inappropriate and insulting.

Scott, who thought the tweet had been misunderstood, replied by adding;

“Hello, I’m applauding BAD police getting charged with misusing their powers against people. No one should die as a result of being arrested.”

Linda Arden, Scott’s aunt, talked to the United States Sun about her niece’s death.

“Her real-life tale, and how she ended there in that line of work, is very tragic. She died nearly precisely two years after her mother, my baby sister, who died of alcoholism and addiction.”

The trauma that lead Scott down this route was then described by her aunt. “Lauren grew up in a home that was rife with drugs, alcohol, and physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse.”

Scott’s aunt is relieved that she may have finally found peace, despite her tormenting existence.

Arden remarked, “She no longer has to travel through this world in anguish in her own prison, and that brings me peace to know she no longer needs to face the voices and visions that tortured her.”

RIP Dakota Skye.

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