October 24, 2021


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Akademiks Calls Megan Thee Stallion An ‘Industry Plant’ Says Her Career Is ‘Overhyped’

DJ Akademiks has launched a scathing attack on Megan Thee Stallion’s music. Because she is a symbol of female strength, the former Everyday Struggle co-host feels the “Body” rapper is “overhyped” and an “industry plant.”

He further attributes Meg’s praise to the outpouring of love she received in the aftermath of the 2020 shooting incident, which left her wounded, despite her releasing what he considers to be terrible songs.

Meg’s comments, made during a live stream on Sunday (June 27), could have been influenced by her wins at the BET Awards 2021, which included Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, Viewer’s Choice Award for her “Savage” remix with Beyoncé, and Best Collaboration and Video Of The Year for “WAP,” her smash hit with Cardi B.

“I guess I’ll start by stating that I now believe Meg Thee Stallion’s career has been boosted, overhyped, and elevated as a result of the Black female magic, defend Black women [movement].” In the video, he adds, “I’m sorry.”

He went on to say that the absence of critical acclaim for Houston’s most recent album, Good News, was more proof that she benefited from things other than the quality of her music or her creativity.

He says, “Listen to everyone’s review of Meg’s CD.” “It’s called Good News, and she just dropped it. It’s the middle of the day. It’s the middle of the day. And if it was someone, we admired who issued a mid-album single and wasn’t being portrayed as a victim, we should just act like the fact that she’s doing it is enough. ‘Meg, you were missed, come back, boo,’ would be the general sentiment. You could do better,’ but it isn’t going to be the topic of discussion.”

Megan has been presented as a victim, and the fact that she is a Black woman has allowed her more compassion than other female rappers and musicians in general, according to Akademiks.

“Oh my goodness, that is the lovely, delicious, sweet sound of being a victim,” Akademiks mockingly adds. “Protect her because she is Black and a woman.”

While Megan’s legion of followers and others are likely to be irritated by Akademiks’ remarks. Megan has yet to respond or issue a statement in response to Akademiks’ remarks as of press time.

On Tuesday (June 29), she did come to social media to announce her new relationship with CashApp, in which she would give away $1 million in shares as part of an attempt to teach her followers and CashApp users about investing.

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