January 18, 2022


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An Off Duty Delta Airline Employee Tried Opening The Plane Exit Door Midflight

After attacking the flight crew, threatening to wreck the jet, and attempting to open the pressurized plug door, an off-duty employee on board a Delta Airlines aircraft from California to Georgia forced the jet to make an emergency landing in Oklahoma City.

Several passengers onboard the airline shared footage of the incident on social media. An unidentified passenger on the airplane released one of the videos of the event.

The guy, subsequently identified as 34-year-old Jamar Duncan, was first thought to be attempting to hijack the plane, according to the passenger.

Authorities in Oklahoma City stated Duncan was a “off-duty Delta employee” who threatened to “take down the jet,” according to local news site ABC7.

The passenger, whose Twitter handle is @alifuckingburns, tweeted, “The dude made an announcement that we needed to be near to our oxygen masks & proceeded to attempt & open the door. They then escorted all of the plane’s ‘strong guys’ to the front to detain him. We flew into OKC since that was the nearest airport to us. He then emphasized that the individual was “trying to open the outside door, not the cockpit door.”

Multiple passengers and flight staff personnel can be seen restraining the guy and dragging him away from the cockpit and pressurized escape door in the footage.

Since the plane was flying at a cruising altitude of over 30,000 feet at the time of the passenger’s outburst, anybody could not open the pressurized plug door because it would take more than 20,000 pounds of pressure to remove it.

The jet was rerouted to Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City after the guy was subdued.

The employee made “terroristic threats” and “assaulted two flight attendants while attempting to bring down the plane,” according to the Oklahoma City Police Department.

The flight crew also requested and got assistance from passengers and an off-duty pilot to control and hold the disruptive passenger down until the plane landed safely, according to OKCPD.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the man claimed to be suffering from chest problems and had shown “indications of mental health concerns.”

The man was transferred to an Oklahoma City hospital where he was questioned by FBI officials. He might face assault and battery charges for assaulting members of the flight crew.

Passengers were re-boarded after a sweep of the plane by law enforcement officials, and the jet landed safely in Atlanta.

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