October 24, 2021


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Asian Doll Supports Bia On Her Nicki Minaj Collab After Label Froze Their Effort

Even though labels got involved and shelved their own collab together so it wouldn’t compete, Asian Doll made sure to let the world know she loves Bia and her new remix for “Whole Lotta Money” featuring Nicki Minaj.

Women in hip-hop have a history of being either the best of gal pals or outright rivals, so it’s wonderful to hear from the ladies themselves that there’s no bad blood between female rappers right now.

Fears of animosity between Asian Doll and Bia, two of rap’s newest femcees, erupted lately when the label withdrew their collab together so it wouldn’t conflict with the former Sisterhood of Hip Hop star’s current smash collaboration with Nicki Minaj for the “Whole Lotta Money” remix.

Thankfully, it appears that The Doll is a big fan of Big Bia.

“Her label didn’t clear it due to her Nicki verse going out,” Asian Doll stated on Twitter, adding, “I shared her verse constantly though so to why the f*ck do y’all keep lying acting like y song was just a f*cking remix when it’s just a f*cking remix?” [sic]

“Lmfaoooo the way y’all gotta drag my name in somebody else’s accomplishments is beyond me actually,” the Fight Night rapper said in response to a social media fan who blamed Asian Doll for taking Bia off.

Just looking at Asian Doll’s public support for Bia and “Whole Lotta Money (Remix)” thus far is enough proof that we need to perceive these two as colleagues with camaraderie, and they don’t appear to be the kind to let execs or drama-seeking fans determine their real-life support for each other.

As we have indicated, when it comes to the ladies, history has shown that situations like these go in a very different direction, so congrats to these two for pushing past the BS.

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