September 25, 2021


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Australian Woman Hospitalized After Waking Up To A Rat Eating Her Eyeball Literally

According to The Sun, a woman in Australia was admitted to the hospital last week after waking up to the terrifying sight of a mouse gnawing on her eyeball.

This is just another incidence in a country that has been plagued by mice for more than six months, an event characterized by the state administration as “totally unusual.”

Mick Harris, a farmer in the United Kingdom, told The Times that he felt a mouse crawl across his face. “I felt a tickly, hairy feeling slither up my cheek from behind my ear.”

Harris remarked, “It made my skin crawl. I leapt out of bed when my hair stood up. I didn’t sleep a wink for the rest of the night – until I captured the mouse in a trap under the bed.”

Farmers, like Harris, have been hit particularly hard by the mouse infestation, which has resulted in rats not only infiltrating their houses and disturbing their lives but also devouring their crops and decimating their bottom lines.

According to The Associated Press, NSW Farmers predicts a loss of more than one billion Australian dollars, or $775 million US dollars, due to the disease.

The expected financial loss arises from concerns that the country’s mouse population would remain high throughout the winter, consuming many crops before they can be harvested.

The New York Times interviewed wheat farmer Jeff Fragar, who voiced worries that his family may lose up to $30,000 if they were “fortunate” enough to sell 500 of the 700 metric Tonnes they had grown.

“Three years in a row, we haven’t been able to get our harvest in the ground due to the drought,” Fragar added.

“And we have a half-year, which the mice are now ruining. I’d think we’re out of luck here if we don’t get it in again. We can’t go any farther since the bank won’t help us.”


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