October 24, 2021


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Bill Cosby Praises Himself & Thanks Pennsylvania Supreme Court On Overturned Rape Conviction

After his rape conviction and jail term were reversed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court just over an hour ago today, Bill Cosby had nothing to say in front of the cameras.

However, the now freed and heavily accused actor, or someone in his entourage, has just taken to social media to express their displeasure.

The guy dubbed “America’s Dad” did a self-congratulatory digital victory lap in a loud and unmistakably heavy-handed tweet.

With an appropriately raised fist, Cosby said nothing about Andrea Constand, the Temple University employee for whom he was convicted of rape in 2004.

Neither did the 83-year-old have anything to say about the more than 60 women who have accused him of sexually assaulting or drugging them over the years — a pattern that Cosby confessed to in a 2005 deposition.

Cosby may have been unusually quiet during his own news conference on Wednesday, which consisted of monologues from his defense team.

Despite the widespread media attention, the actor did talk to CBS Evening News correspondent Jericka Duncan off-camera in his bedroom, as the correspondent revealed in tonight’s program.

The non-remarks by the much-accused man formerly known as “America’s Dad” came only hours after he stepped out of a state prison, with Richard Nixon and James Brown quoting comments from his long-time spokesperson Andrew Wyatt and his attorneys.

Cosby’s sentence for the rape of Andrea Constand in 2004 was overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Wednesday.

The legally blind Cosby just grinned as Wyatt claimed “vindication” in the rape case in what was described as a press conference broadcast by all cable news networks and cut to live on most other stations.

“On this hot day, this is a hot verdict for us,” Wyatt screamed, “because we got one of the best, if not the greatest comedian living today, Mr. Bill Cosby, this wonderful American citizen.”

When asked how it felt to be back home, Cosby remained silent, and one of his attorneys answered, “He is really glad to be home.” “It’s truly a blessing for him,” the lawyer continued. He claims that his heart is just racing.”

A majority of judges on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court effectively declared that the current D.A. of Philadelphia’s Montgomery County has no standing to prosecute Cosby since the former DA struck an informal agreement not to pursue criminal charges against the actor in 2005.

Cosby “was found guilty by a jury and now goes free on a procedural issue that is unrelated to the facts of the crime,” said District Attorney Kevin Steele in a statement today.

Cosby’s agreement to then-D.A. Bruce Castor not to file charges over the attack on Constand resulted in a multi-million-dollar legal settlement with the basketball coach in 2005.

Castor, a Republican, lost his reelection campaign in 2015 to Democrat Steele, who was one of the lawyers representing Donald Trump in his second impeachment hearing earlier this year.

Steele’s office arrested Cosby later that year, despite Pennsylvania’s long statute of limitations.

Cosby testified in 2005 depositions that on the night of the alleged assault at his Philadelphia-area house in 2004, he gave Constand several Benadryl tablets.

Despite this, the creator of The Cosby Show has maintained that the meeting was completely consensual throughout multiple investigations, two trials, and the sentencing hearing.

Following the announcement of the opinion, the 83-year-old Cosby was freed from Pennsylvania’s State Correctional Institution at Phoenix today after spending just over two years of what might have been a 10-year sentence, as determined by Judge Steven O’Neill in 2018.

The shocking decision clears Cosby of the label of violent sexual predator and effectively puts an end to any attempts to bring him back to court in the future.

Because of the statute of limitations constraints, the only way to appeal would be to the United States Supreme Court, which Steele’s office has given no indication they are contemplating.

Cosby was denied parole just a month ago, and his struggle against the conviction even failed to earn him early release due to the coronavirus.

However, in June of last year, the comedian received a lifeline when Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court agreed to hear his rape conviction appeal.

Cosby had begun to present himself as a de facto political prisoner and the victim of a “set-up” during his incarceration after previously failing in many state jurisdictions to have O’Neill removed, the judgment reversed, and to get out of prison.

When Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of several sex crimes in early 2020, Cosby spokesperson Andrew Wyatt released a statement calling it a “sad day in the American justice system… that should plague all Americans, especially wealthy and famous men.”

Over 60 women have claimed that Cosby drugged and attacked them with a combination of drugs and booze over the years.

Several of the ladies were present at the two trials and sentence hearing in the fall of 2018.

Judge O’Neill also allowed D.A. Steele to call five more victims to the witness in the second trial, including ex-Next America’s Top Model judge Janice Dickinson, to relate their tales of being attacked by Cosby.


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