October 16, 2021


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Billie Eilish Swaps Gothic For Cute Girl In A Sexy Lingerie For Her ‘Lost Cause’ Video & Trends

In her latest music video for the song Lost Cause, Billie Eilish switches from gothic to cutesy.

The song and accompanying video were released this morning for fans as the second single from her upcoming album Happier Than Ever, which will be released on July 30.

After only 11 hours on YouTube, the film has already notched up 7.5 million views.

For the slumber party music video, Eilish dressed her group of gal pals in Kim Kardashian’s shapewear line Skims, which features the group partying, dancing, and playing in various rooms in a beautiful estate.

For three minutes and 48 seconds, the singer, who was also dressed in blue satin pyjamas, smiles seductively at the camera as she sings about a previous sweetheart being nothing but a lost cause.

Eilish and her girl group play twister, create jelly shots, dress up in a fancy walk-in closet, and dance on the kitchen counter in the video.

Eilish announced the song and video’s release on Instagram, writing that they “had the time of our lives being hot and shooting this.”

With lyrics like “I know you think you’re such an outlaw but you got no job, you ain’t nothing but a lost cause,” the new song offers an insight into Eilish’s personal life, which she prefers to keep private.

Your Power, Eilish’s previous single from Happier Than Ever, was one of the Grammy Award winner’s more intimate songs.

The singer commented at the time of its release, “I feel really vulnerable putting this one out because I hold it so near to my heart.”

“This is about a wide range of circumstances that we’ve all seen or experienced. I’m hoping that this will lead to change. Make an effort not to exploit your position of power.”

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