October 15, 2021


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Billionaire’s Daughter-In-Law & Socialite Transferred To Prison Accused Of Killing Belize Top Cop

After being charged with accidentally killing a popular local police officer, socialite Jasmine Hartin was moved to the Belize Central Prison on Tuesday.

The Daily Mail revealed photos of Hartin, the British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft’s daughter-in-law, being brought out of a suffocating San Pedro police station.

Since being taken in for questioning after the fatal shooting of San Pedro Superintendent Henry Jemmott on Friday, she has been kept in the station — in a tiny concrete cell that a local characterized as “hell on earth.”

At her hearing on Monday evening, Hartin, 32, was denied bail on a charge of manslaughter by carelessness.

Her attorneys were unable to overturn a local magistrate’s conclusion that the mother of two was a flight risk.

According to the publication, the petite blonde wore pants, a red hoodie, flip flops, and a black face mask while carrying a plastic bag that concealed her shackles.

In footage from her transfer posted by 7 News Belize, she kept her head low and remained silent while reporters hurled questions at her.

Hartin was placed in a golf cart and driven to the Hattieville prison, the small Central American country’s only penal facility.

The Kolbe Foundation, a Catholic-oriented non-governmental organization, runs the jail, which has about 1,150 convicts.

Officers set up a tribute for Jemmott, a 42-year-old father of five and 24-year police veteran, just hours before Hartin was transferred, according to the Daily Mail.

A source informed the newspaper, “We made sure she was in handcuffs. I was not given any special attention. He was a buddy of ours.”

If Hartin pleads guilty to the charge of manslaughter by carelessness, she will almost certainly face a fine rather than a prison sentence.

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