September 25, 2021


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Bitcoin Conference Attendees Now Battling Covid-19

Some of the techies who attended last week’s crowded Bitcoin Conference are fighting the real thing, not a fictional computer infection.

After attending the Miami meeting, several crypto fans reported that they tested positive for COVID-19.

The Mana Wynwood convention center hosted the event, which gathered 12,000 people to watch everyone from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to Miami Mayor Francis Suarez take the stage.

A number of parties around the conference, most of which looked to be mask-free and did not require vaccinations.

“Everyone I hung with in Miami got COVID,” said a Block employee on Twitter.

Another added, “Looks like I’ll be on the BTC Covid list.”

One guest told us, “I genuinely just assumed everyone was vaccinated.” “You should be able to find out how to be vaccinated if you are smart enough to make the money to acquire a $1,500 ticket and pay the exorbitant hotel price.”

Florida has a reputation for being permissive when it comes to coronavirus regulations, with all restrictions suspended in May.

“My administration has been made aware of a number of unsubstantiated tweets concerning persons contracting COVID-19 during last weekend’s Bitcoin 2021 Conference,” Mayor Suarez told CN News.

“We have no basis to assume the conference was a ‘Super Spreader,’ based on public data from hospitals and other watchdogs.”

“At this moment, with the information we have, this portrayal of the event is not only unjust but also reckless – Miami hosted nearly 50,000 people over the weekend, while the conference only sold 12,000 tickets,” Suarez continued.

“As our community navigates the present stage of the epidemic, we take adherence to CDC and Florida DOH standards very seriously here in Miami. We’re in close contact with health officials and will continue to monitor the situation. We hope that everyone who visited Miami is safe and well.”

“Vaccines have been readily accessible for months in the US, to the degree that anyone who wanted to be vaccinated could do so by the time of the event,” said representatives for Bitcoin Magazine, which organized the event.

“Because the vaccination is effective, the United States has been allowed to resume live sports, concerts, and events.”

“We supplied all guests with the current guidelines of the CDC and the State of Florida and conveyed to our audience that those who were at risk or hadn’t been vaccinated should consider delaying until next year,” the representatives added.

“Upon entering the event, all participants were given complimentary masks and hand sanitizer.”

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