January 24, 2022


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Blac Chyna Is Being Investigated By Police After Reports She Allegedly Held A Woman Against Her Will In Hotel

After a lady was reportedly threatened and refused to leave her hotel room, Sacramento police are investigating Blac Chyna.

Reality star Chyna is accused of verbally assaulting another woman after a wild party at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, when she invited a number of individuals back to her room, according to the Sun.

Attendee Ron Knighton told the magazine that “everyone was having a terrific time; the drinks were flowing and the vibe in the suite was very good.”

“Chyna just shouted at my friend to ‘shut the f–k up’ or she’d beat both of our asses’ out of nowhere,” says my pal.

Knighton and his female buddy decided to leave the party since the “mood” had shifted, but Chyna apparently had other ideas.

We decided to leave at that moment since the atmosphere had changed, Knighton said, “but as I started to go out, she slammed the door behind me and held my companion in the room.”

Although her “sobbing and cursing,” Chyna allegedly refused to let the buddy go for 20 minutes, when she finally released her free but shouted at them to remain in the corridor.

As far as I know, we’re not going anywhere. It’s time to go! “What are you doing?” It’s possible to hear Knighton’s voice.

“It’s not your fault,” he tells his tearful pal as they enter the elevator. “She’s raving mad because she’s on cocaine.”

There’s no way to tell from the footage if anyone was doing drugs or not.

Two days earlier, on Nov. 27, at 3 a.m., the Sacramento Police Department was alerted to a disturbance at the hotel, which it confirmed to CN on Thursday.

When two people disagreed, the situation was quickly settled in front of everyone concerned. According to a spokeswoman, no one was hurt.

Despite the fact that the enquiry is ongoing, “the department is aggressively probing the circumstances surrounding the occurrence.”

Lynne Ciani, Chyna’s lawyer, sent a statement to CN denying any misconduct on Chyna’s behalf.

“This is a fabrication.” Ciani’s statement started, “This new bogus claim of criminal activity against Blac Chyna is merely the most recent in a long string of false accusations.”

“For us, it’s a dream come true that one day people will cease unjustly accusing Blac Chyna of criminal activity.” Our work with law enforcement and in the courtroom will not stop until these unfounded claims are proven to be untrue.

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