January 18, 2022


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Black Woman Says She Was Labelled ‘Child Trafficker’ By Frontier Airlines While Travelling With Her Adopted White Sister

A Black woman says she was stopped and reported by Frontier Airline officials after traveling with her white adopted sister from Denver, Colorado to Fort Worth, Texas.

LakeyJanay Bailey, 21, said everything was going well during her flight until she and her sister landed at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

She was approached by two police officers at the airline gate who explained that they were contacted by Frontier Airlines.

Reportedly, a concern was filed by a fellow passenger who thought there was a possible human trafficking incident involving an adult woman and child who boarded their flight.

Frontier Airlines confirmed the issue in a statement and added that they felt“obligated” to look into the passenger’s concerns.

“That passenger approached the flight crew with those concerns and subsequently completed a written report during the flight to document her observations. The captain was notified and felt an obligation to report the matter. Air travel is one of the most common means for human trafficking,”the statement reads.

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