September 26, 2021


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Blue Ivy Wasn’t Impressed By Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction According To Jay Z

Blue Ivy Carter had it written in stone from the moment she was born that she would be a baby diva — you could say it was her “destiny.”

Aside from corny music jokes, what we mean is that having Jay-Z and Beyoncé as parents must be really magical.

You’d think “baby Bey” would be difficult to satisfy, which Hov affirmed during a recent appearance on HBO’s The Shop: Uninterrupted.

Jay-Z was virtually gushing over his admiration for Blue Ivy’s maturity when visiting LeBron James and the team for a little trade talk.

The father of three described his oldest child’s influence on him learning to swim by saying, “I couldn’t even imagine what would happen if she fell in the water and I couldn’t save her. I was able to learn to swim. That is all there is to it.”

He went on to explain how that incident marked the start of their father-daughter relationship, as well as reminding him of how much personality she possesses in general.

Blue’s actual diva moment, on the other hand, occurred not long ago. During his conversation with The Shop, Jay went on to say, “I was on my way to school with Blue… ‘This ain’t no party!’ I exclaimed. [giggles] ‘Yo!’ I said as she walked away. I’m not getting a kiss? ‘I’ve been inducted into the Hall of Fame!'” Blue’s reaction? According to papa Hov, “Bye, dad.” Young savage, to be sure!

Of course, we’re being sarcastic, and Blue Ivy Carter is more than likely an ego-free nine-year-old attempting to navigate the world as the kid of two of music’s most successful acts of all time. We’re hoping for the best for the kid!


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