January 29, 2022


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Blueface Trends With R Kelly After Video Shows Him Having Girls Sleep In Bunk Beds And Tattoo His Name On Em

Fans are attempting to decipher the meaning of a viral video of Blueface, which shows the rapper wandering around a house of bunk beds while women are getting tattoos.

“Are you up for getting a tattoo today?” One of the women asks Blueface a question.

One Twitter user wrote, “The last thing you want to be is trending with R Kelly.”

“Now when Blueface is the next R. Kelly,” said another. I don’t want to hear anyone claiming they didn’t know he was a predator because the n***a is flaunting himself in front of you.”

Blueface talked about his reality show, Blue Girls Club, which aired on OnlyFans last year:

“I’m not involved with any of these ladies. According to The Shade Room, “the aim of the show is to improve these women by exercising their temper attitude, courage, and composure.”

“And I’m allowing them to use my voice as a second chance to pursue their dreams without having to sell their souls to make ends meet. We are all members of the same family. They’ve all had a past; all I want to do is change their future.”

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  • Blueface: Maury Phillips, Getty Images
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