October 15, 2021


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British Model Stephanie Dubois Dies Days After Receiving Covid Jab In Cyprus

Days after getting the AstraZeneca vaccine in Cyprus, a British model died of a blood clot.

After receiving the vaccine in Paphos on May 6, Stephanie Dubois, 39, experienced a “severe thrombotic event.”

According to Charalambos Charilaou, a Cypriot health official, her death will be probed by the European Medicines Agency. The relationship between Ms Dubois’s jab and her death has yet to be established.

Ms. Dubois announced on her Facebook page that she was sick and undergoing tests eight days after receiving the immunization.

“I got my bloods done, and there is obviously something wrong because my white blood cell count is high,” she explained, “but they don’t know what’s causing it.”

“The physicians here are fantastic, and they will call me on Sunday to see how I’m doing. Maybe I’m having a long-term reaction to the Covid vaccine I got last week, or maybe the side effects weakened my immune system and I caught something else.”

“I’m extremely exhausted, have no energy, and my entire body hurts from stiff and swollen joints… But it’s a lot better than it was earlier in the day.”

A few days later, she posted what would be her final post, a photo of her arm bruised from numerous doctor tests.

According to Andrew Powers, a friend, the model, who shared her time between the UK and Cyprus, had gone into a coma in Nicosia hospital on May 19 and “was not expected to come out of it.”

Cyprus restored the AstraZeneca vaccine on March 18 after it was suspended earlier in the month by a number of other European countries due to worries about blood clots.

Only two other persons in Cyprus have experienced blood clots as a result of the vaccine, and both had underlying health issues. Neither of the individuals perished as a result of their actions.

Elena Panayiotopoulou, the head of the ministry of health’s pharmaceutical services, said more research is needed to determine whether the vaccine and the death of the British model are linked.

“We may never be sure if her death was linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine,” she told the Sun Online.

“What she experienced was extremely rare, yet we do know that patients who have not received the immunization can have thrombosis cytopenia syndrome.”

“There needs to be a lot more inquiry to establish whether there is any link between the two incidents.”

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