October 16, 2021


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Britney Spears Called 911 To Report Herself Before The Conservatorship Hearing

The night before her explosive court appearance, Britney Spears “phoned 911 to report herself as a victim of conservatorship abuse.”

During a court hearing in June, the pop artist lambasted her conservatorship and presented a series of damaging charges.

The New Yorker said that Britney, 39, called police in Ventura County, California “to identify herself as a victim of conservatorship abuse” just hours before going to court on June 23.

Although emerge,ncy calls in California are normally available to the public, the singer’s message was sealed owing to the current investigation.

Her staff began emailing one other urgently, according to the New Yorker, as they were “worried what Spears could say the next day and planned how to prepare in the case that she went rogue.”

Britney objected when a conservatorship lawyer requested that the courtroom be cleared and her testimony be sealed during the hearing.

“Someone has made a decent living off of my life. She emphasised, “I feel like it should be an open court hearing—they should listen and hear what I have to say.”

When it was eventually her turn to speak, the Princess of Pop urged the judge, “The people who did this to me should not go away.”

“Ma’am, my father and anybody else engaged in this conservatorship, as well as my managers, who played a major role in penalising me for saying no—they should all be in jail.”

Britney’s testimony revealed disturbing information about how the conservatorship made her feel “abused” and “threatened,” and she blamed individuals involved as well as the California legal system.

“Instead of it being a hush-hush secret to benefit all of them,” he wanted her tale to be shared with the world, she continued.

“It worries me.” I’ve been instructed that I’m not supposed to reveal who did this to me.

She told the court, “All I want is to own my money, for everything to end, and for my lover to drive me in his f**king car.”

They aren’t going down without a fight, despite Britney’s embarrassing charges about her father and others involved in her conservatorship.

A source told TMZ on Saturday that multiple people will testify in court against her allegations at the next hearing.

The songwriter said she was “forced” into her 2018 European tour and felt “threatened” by her crew, according to the judge.

However, the insider claimed that she was actually looking forwards to the trip because she “had nothing on her calendar for virtually the entire year of 2018.”

They explained, “She then begged Management to find something for her to do so she wouldn’t be bored for a year.”

Furthermore, the insider stated that she “begged” to go on tour before making “excuses to depart,” and that the pop star signed all documents “willingly.”

The insider went on to say that the majority of her claims would be refuted at the next court appearance.

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