October 15, 2021


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Britney Spears Dad Indicated In Conservator Papers That His Pop Star Daughter Had Dementia

According to a new report, Britney Spears’ father indicated that his pop star daughter had dementia when filing paperwork to monitor her finances over a decade ago.

The shocking news will be addressed in “The Fight for Britney,” a forthcoming BBC documentary about the 39-year-old singer, according to The Sun.

According to paperwork seen in the documentary, Jamie Spears, 68, reportedly checked a box claiming “dementia placement or care” as a justification for the conservatorship of his daughter’s estate that was set up in 2008.

“With that, there are only two choices. In the documentary, journalist Mobeen Azhar speculates that Britney has dementia.

“Now, I’m not a doctor, but if that’s the case, then the rest of the world is in the dark about it. The other alternative, however, is much more sinister,” Azhar adds.

Jamie has been a member of the conservatorship since its establishment in 2007, when his daughter’s mental breakdown became widely known.

For some time, members of the #FreeBritney campaign have advocated for her father and her team’s expulsion, believing Britney is being unfairly manipulated by them.

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