January 29, 2022


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California Girl Goes Viral After Pushing A Bear Off Her Fence Wall To Protect Her Dogs

A California youngster rushed to protect her dogs from a family of bears, shoving the largest bear off a wall and scaring it away, and it was all caught on camera.

A large grizzly and two bear cubs were wandering along a backyard wall on a Monday afternoon in the San Gabriel Valley when four pet dogs scurried over and were nearly swiped by a massive bear paw.

With her dogs howling hysterically, Hailey, 17, ran over to see what was wrong, leaping into action when she learned there were bears on the loose.

You have to see the footage to believe it. The kid charges right at the bear, shoving it into a neighbor’s yard with both hands and rushes her dogs back to safety.

The bear climbs back up on the cement wall, but he’s had enough of Hailey and flees the place.

Hailey deserves credit for her bravery, but things could have turned out far worse for her and her pets.

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