October 24, 2021


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Cassidy Crossed Tory Lanez Is Reportedly Stealing His Bars Offers Receipts

Cassidy shared a video containing back-to-back footage, tagging Lanez and writing, “I’m [Tory Lanez] fave rapper,” in the caption.

Just when you thought the evening of Wednesday, July 21st, was going to conclude peacefully, Cassidy comes out with a few charges.

Tory Lanez has risen through the ranks year after year, and despite the fact that he is presently appealing a case in which he is accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion, the Canadian-born musician has remained a force to be reckoned with.

Lanez recently paid a visit to Funk Flex to perform his latest freestyle, and while Lanez’s fans praised his lines, Cassidy dissected them because he thought they sounded a little familiar.

Lanez has been using his playbook for years, according to the hitmaking Rap veteran and icon recognised for his lyrical skills.

Cassidy posted a video on Instagram comparing Tory Lanez’s lyrics, flow, and delivery, and it appears that Cassidy wants the world to realise that there are more parallels than one might expect.

The clips begin with freestyles from 2017 and go on from there.

“My favourite rapper is @torylanez #RNS There’s no denying that [eyeball #GoatGang [goat emoji]] [eyeball #GoatGang [goat emoji]] [eyeball #GoatGang [goat em #LetsGetToThisChicken [money emoji] #BARSisBack #DaEnergy [lightning emoji] &#LetsGetToThisChicken [money emoji] #BARSisBack #DaEnergy”

Because some of the lines are so similar, other rappers jumped into Cassidy’s comment area and immediately called out Lanez. Lanez has yet to reply to the allegations, but Cassidy’s video is swiftly going viral, and rap fans are expressing their displeasure with it. Lanez was accused of stealing lyrics after a freestyle in 2017, but he stepped forwards to refute the claims.

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