September 25, 2021


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Chika Blasts Boosie Badazz: ‘People Question His Sexuality’

In recent days, numerous more voices have joined the debate around DaBaby’s homophobic statements.

Tory Lanez, T.I., and Boosie Badazz have all backed rappers’ right to speak out, with the latter two unintentionally dragging Lil Nas X into the debate.

T.I. said earlier today that the homosexual community is bullying rappers, while critics countered that musicians are being held accountable in ways they haven’t been in the past.

People were outraged enough by DaBaby’s statements on HIV/AIDS and the LGBTQIA+ community, but Boosie’s diatribe about the homosexual community and Lil Nas X has made the Rap veteran a hot topic all day.

The remarks did not go ignored by Chika, who made it a point to call out Boosie’s present and previous actions.

“Remember when boosie paid for his son to be sexually assaulted? Was it oral sex? r*pe. Do you recall when Boosie paid to have his son r*ped? in order to ‘train him,’ because training is required. You have to practise being a sexuality, according to boosie. I’m not sure why.” Chika sent out a tweet.

The Grammy-nominated rapper was referring to Boosie’s admission last year that he let his 12-year-old kid have oral sex with a “super mature” lady.

“It appears to me that Boosie is enraged that he can’t control his desire without the help of oiled up scantily clad n*ggas. (‘It’ refers to his d*ck.)

“she went on. Someone tried to silence Chika by accusing her of accusing homophobic males of being “down low.”

“This isn’t about being DL, since that discussion is lot more complicated than you make it out to be. And, to be honest, Twitter isn’t going to take care of it. However, it’s bizarre that the most outspoken homophobes have homoerotic inclinations. Those who are open, however, are condemned.”


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