January 26, 2022


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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Sister Katia Aveiro Hospitalized Following Covid-19 Complications

Due to problems in her struggle against Covid, Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister has been admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.

Katia Aveiro, 43, said on Instagram that she was in the hospital on her home island of Madeira.

She’s being treated at Dr. Nelio Mendonca Hospital, where Cristiano’s adoring mother had emergency surgery after suffering a stroke last year.

Cristiano Ronaldo had a run-in with Covid in October of last year, when he tested positive twice for the virus while being asymptomatic.

‘This is the last type of publication I would like to write,’ Katia, a singer-turned-influencer who now spends most of her time in Brazil, remarked with a photo of herself in bed hooked to a drip.

‘I tried not to do it in recent days, but news spreads quickly, and I will share the truth with you out of respect for those who follow me and care about me and my loved ones.’

‘I was infected by this dreadful infection. On July 17, I received a positive test and have been self-isolating at home ever since.’

‘I was doing well, with little symptoms and strict adherence to the plan.’

‘Everyone at home kept mum at arm’s length, and the videos I’ve posted of me outside were shot before I tested positive.’

‘Unfortunately, I started to grow ill last Friday.’

‘I was admitted to hospital and here I am, doing everything I should and healing thanks to God and the excellent medical team here,’ she said, admitting she had contracted pneumonia as a result of the virus.

Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive for coronavirus in October 2020, according to Portuguese football authorities.

He was said to be asymptomatic, but he was placed in isolation. It happened just days after the five-time Ballon d’Or winner represented Portugal in Nations League matches against France and an international friendly against Spain.

After receiving a positive test, Ronaldo promptly left the national team.

Following Ronaldo’s positive test, the remainder of the team was given another series of tests, all of which came back negative.

Due to his low viral load, UEFA permitted Ronaldo to take a fresh test barely 48 hours before the game, but the striker had another positive result.

When he tested positive for the second time, he showed no symptoms.

Katia made news last October when she appeared to dismiss Cristiano’s coronavirus positive result in a wild tantrum.

She unleashed her wrath after it was revealed that the Juventus attacker had requested a second Covid test after two tests at the Portuguese FA’s lab.

When she made her comments, another non-lab test after his first positive was claimed to have come back inconclusive.

She later took a more measured tone on social media, claiming that while she valued coronavirus, she also believed that other illnesses and health concerns deserved to be recognized in the same manner.

‘I genuinely respect this virus, and I would never say the reverse,’ she stated at the time.

‘However, I disagree with bringing the entire globe to a halt.’

‘There are folks who have given up working, people who have psychological issues, and those who are suicidal.’

‘This, too, must be honored.’ I want things to get back to normal, and I want God to keep us safe from human evil.’

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