October 24, 2021


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Dababy Explains Why He Only Gave Boys Hawking Candy Only $200

DaBaby has incurred the wrath of the internet as a result of his engagement with boys hawking candy.

A couple of youngsters were looking for a fast buck, so they told DaBaby they would sell him their candy boxes for $200.

The rapper discovered that the sweets would cost $2 each, and after some quick math, the total came to nearly $100.

DaBaby, on the other hand, just offered them $4 to teach them a lesson.

The response against the award-winning rapper was fast, prompting DaBaby to sit down with Complex News to explain why he chose not to offer the boys extra money.

DaBaby was said to be trying to teach the lads a lesson about greed.

“Absolutely, that’s what occurred,” the rapper stated.

“I always buy the full item when I buy something from someone else in there. Especially when it comes to children. I offer them the chance; all I ask is that you explain why you want $200 for this. ‘Man, I typically charge this much for the entire package,’ you say. ‘All I’m going to charge you is $2 all the way down.’ I’d have given him a thousand dollars just by looking at him.”

DaBaby stated he respected their hustle even if he didn’t give them the money they requested.

He said, “I ain’t cuss ’em out and this and that. I imparted wisdom to them and purchased one piece of candy from each of them before closing the door.”

People are still debating the rapper’s decision.

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