October 24, 2021


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DaBaby Reacts To News DaniLeigh Is Pregnant

DaniLeigh is expecting a child. The rapper and singer confirmed the news on Instagram this week, along with a set of prenatal photos displaying her baby belly.

Many have been thinking she’s pregnant for a few months now, ever since a video surfaced showing her wearing an enormous garment that fans assume was intended to cover her pregnancy.

A family member leaked a photo of DaniLeigh with her baby bulge showing, despite her best efforts to keep this area of her life hidden.

In a series of stunning pregnancy images that she shared on social media, the singer eventually revealed that she was expecting a child.

Who is the father, though, remains a mystery. Many people believed it was DaBaby’s child she was carrying even before the rumours started circulating.

Before calling it quits, the couple had been dating for a few months.

Although the timing of the reports and her breakup appeared to be coincidental, neither DaBaby nor DaniLeigh have confirmed this.

Until last night, that is. DaBaby finally acknowledged DaniLeigh’s pregnancy after she uploaded a series of new images.

He didn’t say anything in response to the message, but his double tap was swiftly picked up by Internet sleuths.

This is the furthest thing from proof that he is the father, but it appears that he has no ill feelings against his ex.

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