January 29, 2022


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Dana White Says Derrick Lewis Deserves The Ngannou Fight In All Honesty

Jon Jones is one of the most illustrious fighters in UFC history, but it seems that he needs more money than Dana White is willing to give up right now.

Jones is attempting to improve the UFC’s reputation for paying fighters even less than they are worth.

Of course, fans want Jon Jones to face Francis Ngannou in a heavyweight superfight, and White seemed intent on making it happen.

While speaking with Bill Simmons recently, White revealed that, despite their best efforts, they were unable to reach an agreement on a Jones vs. Ngannou battle. Instead, Ngannou will compete for the Heavyweight championship against Derrick Lewis.

“We tried to work with Jon, but we had to move on at some point. Since, in all honesty, Derrick Lewis is the man who really deserves to fight Ngannou… So that’ll be the battle, and we’ll just roll with it and do our thing.” White clarified.

This will be frustrating news for all of the huge MMA fans out there, particularly those who were hoping to see what Jones might do at a higher weight class.

They’ll have to wait until White and Jones are back on the same page for the time being.

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