December 2, 2021


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DaniLeigh’s Brother Brandon Bills Admits He Was In His Emotions At First But Says He’s Still Down To Box DaBaby

Following only a few days after DaniLeigh Bills’ brother, Brandon Bills, stated that he intends to take legal action against her baby daddy, DaBaby, TMZ met up with Brandon Bills outside The Grove in Los Angeles to gain some further insight into the story.

When questioned about his social media posts following the heated argument that erupted at the co-North parent’s Carolina house, Bills admits that he was “in [his] emotions.”

The “Chunky Chains” singer continued by stating that he is still interested in boxing DaBaby. “We could get in that ring whenever, it don’t matter,” he informed the camera.

Afterwards, Bills was complimented by the reporter for standing up for his sister, to which he said, “Of course, everyone is telling me I did the right thing. I haven’t received a single phone call informing me that I done something wrong.”

If you’re not familiar with the scenario, allow us to explain it to you.

According to reports, DaniLeigh was sleeping at home with her child after cooking a supper for DaBaby when the “VIBEZ” rapper attempted to force her out of their house.

He grew unhappy after she demanded a Plan B, according to the mother of one, who said that he enjoys finishing inside of her without accepting any responsibility.

The two then engaged in a highly public back-and-forth, with portions of it being broadcast on Instagram Live and other portions being posted on the app’s Stories feature.

In response to DaBaby’s claim that DaniLeigh has only ever been a “side bitch,” DaniLeigh produced a large number of receipts in an attempt to demonstrate that this is not true.

According to TMZ, the “Lil Bebe” singer was charged with two counts of simple assault after two police officers paid two separate visits to Baby’s residence last week.

As soon as Dani’s brother found out about the issue, he immediately took to Instagram to challenge the father of his niece to a battle, which Bills believes he will win, according to TMZ.

In any case, I don’t know what round it’s going to be, but I can assure you that he’s not coming near me. “I made $200,000 on it on my own, with my own money and with my own bread.”

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