January 29, 2022


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Danish journalist Has Intercourse During Interview For Segment On Swingers Club

When a radio reporter had sex with a man she was interviewing, she went to great lengths to get a scoop on a swingers club in Copenhagen.

During the on-the-record intercourse, Louise Fischer, 26, can be heard moaning, which was part of a two-minute piece that broadcast on Radio 4 in Denmark.

According to a translation by The Daily Mail, Fischer told the German daily Bild, “I don’t have a boyfriend, that surely made it a lot simpler.”

“My mother thinks it’s amusing and laughs, and my father thinks it’s extremely cool.”

The X-rated program focused on the reopening of Swing land, a swingers club in Ishoj, once COVID-19 limitations were lifted, and Fischer explained how people reacted to her unconventional interview style.

She reportedly stated, “Most of them were extremely nice, they thought it was daring and cool.”

“Some people believe I’ve crossed a line in journalism.”

The piece was shared in a tweet from Radio 4 on Thursday.

The tweet added, “Warning: It got heated and wet for both our reporter and the guests.”

The journalist asks the man she’s having sex with whether he can tell her what he’s witnessing during the segment, which is full of sounds of bodies slapping, and he responds with a “wonderful woman,” according to the English-language Copenhagen Post.

Participating in the club had not been planned prior to the report, according to reports.

The change was accepted by Radio 4, according to Tina Kragelund, the station’s head of news.

“I just think it’s wonderful when reporters strive to tell stories in different ways,” she explained.

LISTEN HERE & start from minute 45

Louise later took to her Instagram account to talk a little bit more about her experience doing this story. Check it out below.

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