December 3, 2021


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Dead Victims Of Astroworld Festival Identified With The Youngest Being Only 10

Arturo Sanchez, 23, told MM he was trampled by the crowd at the Astroworld Festival in Houston as the names of the victims of the tragic stage rush were read out.

As he lay in his hospital bed on Sunday, Sanchez spoke to MM News about the pandemonium and panic that erupted during Travis Scott’s opening song.

Because the crowd rushed forward so quickly as Scott started singing, he ended himself on the ground at the front of the stage.

Begging for help and reaching out for people’s hands, Sanchez explains, “I was on the floor screaming for help and attempting to grasp for people’s hands so they could see me and no one saw me.”

“For a brief period, I was able to accept that I was going to die. My heart had presumably stopped.”

According to Sanchez, medics said he had a heart attack and that he had to be put on life support.

His memory of the incident included a massive man sitting on his chest as he gasped for air and passing out.

At the time of the incident, Sanchez claims a registered nurse at the performance did CPR and helped him get to an ambulance.

Sanchez credited her with saving her life.

Following an appeal to the public, the medical examiner was able to identify the eighth and last victim who died on Sunday.

Axel Acosta, the son of Oscar Acosta, died at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston. According to him, his kid flew all the way from Washington to see Scott play.

Forensic scientists in Harris County posted a photo of the 6-foot-2, nearly 500-pound man and sought for the public’s help in identifying him. Acosta recognized his kid.

An estimated 50,000 concertgoers crowded into NRG Park, which is close to NRG Stadium, home of the Houston Texans NFL football team, suddenly pushed toward the stage, according to investigators.

Axel Acosta was one of those slain. An additional 25 persons were hurt, one of whom was just 10 years old, according to the officials who spoke to reporters.

The relatives or schools of five of the other victims were able to identify them.

While trying to save his girlfriend Olivia Swingle, 27, who had fallen and was about to be trampled by concert-goers, Danish Baig’s brother Basil Baig informed MM News that the 27-year-old Dallas man was slain by concert-goers.

“He was an innocent little person who would always put others before himself,” Basil Baig said in a statement.

“He was a hard-working man who cared about his family and took care of us. He was always ready to help in any way possible. He was never without an answer.”

On his Facebook page, Basil Baig said he had been to the Live Nation performance and thought it had been “poorly” run and overseen. According to him, Scott roused the audience to go closer to the stage.

According to Basil Baig’s statement to MM News, “Travis Scott and his staff and everyone engaged with the event should and will be held responsible.”

During the event, Scott paused to help fans who appeared physically ill, according to videos he uploaded on Instagram on Saturday.

He said he was looking for those in the audience who appeared to be in need of assistance.

Scott says in one of the films, “I just just never anticipate the severity of the issue.”

According to a subsequent statement released by Live Nation, “We will continue working to help the local authorities in their investigation as best we can.”

Houston’s Memorial High School’s principal sent a letter to parents informing them that 14-year-old John Hilgert was the youngest victim that died.

In the letter, principal Lisa Weir said, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the student’s family, his friends, and our staff at Memorial.” As a family, we’re all in mourning today for this horrible loss.

In addition to Brianna Rodriguez, 16, a Heights High School student in Houston, Brianna’s aunt, Iris Rodriguez, told MM News that Brianna was also killed.

That’s what her aunt had to say, according to Iris Rodriguez.

GoFundMe website that showed photographs of Brianna Rodriguez’s progress to heaven’s pearly gates read, “Now she is dance[ing] her way to heaven’s pearly gates,” wrote the Rodriguez family.

An Ohio college student named as Franco Patino, 21, was one of the concertgoers who died in the stampede.

Illinois-native Patino was studying mechanical engineering technology and human movement biomechanics at the institution, according to the school’s president in an open letter to the college community.

Additionally, Patino was a member of the Hispanic fraternity Alpha Psi Lambda and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

According to Spina, Patino had been participating in an engineering coop program in Mason, Ohio.

Jake E. Jurinek’s relatives confirmed Sunday that he was one of the victims. Family members said that Jurinek was a junior at Southern Illinois University, where he was studying art and media.

Ron Jurinek, the father of Jurinek, said, “We are all devastated and have been left with a great vacuum in our life.”

“The audience began to compress toward the front of the stage” around 9:30 p.m. local time Friday, Houston Fire Chief Sam Pena said at a news conference Friday night.

According to Pena, “it caused a lot of panic and started inflicting some injuries.”

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said at a briefing that at least 13 individuals were hospitalized, including five under the age of 18.

At least one lawsuit has been filed against Scott as of Sunday night.

According to Houston Police Department, they’re investigating what sparked this increase. There is a warrant for state resources to be made available for the investigation by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

In the past, Scott’s has been known to enrage large crowds. Travis Scott gigs have historically been plagued by problems.

During a Lollapalooza event in Chicago in 2015, the rapper was arrested on charges of inciting a crowd to engage in disorderly conduct. Authorities said he admitted to disorderly conduct and was fined.

Fans at the Walmart Music Pavilion in Rogers, Arkansas, breached barricades and overran security as Scott invited more people to come closer to the stage in 2017.

He also paid a fee after pleading guilty to disorderly behaviour, a misdemeanour.

Some 300 people had been treated by on-site medical workers throughout the day before Scott’s concert on Friday night, officials said.

Narcan, which is used to treat a narcotic overdose, was administered “several times,” added Pena, who did not provide a specific number.

It is possible that a private security guard working at the festival was injected in the neck while attempting to control someone during the chaos, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said.

In a Saturday afternoon briefing, Finner added, “He went unconscious when he was inspected.”

“Narcan was administered by (Medical personnel). When he was brought back to life, the medical professionals saw an injection-like prick on his skin.”

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