September 26, 2021


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Disgraced Journalist Martin Bashir Aggressively Pushed To Interview Diddy

Disgraced journalist Martin Bashir aggressively pushed to score a blockbuster interview with the Bad Boy singer, Diddy’s former publicist claims noting that the rapper dodged a bullet.

Bashir was once Britain’s hottest reporter, earning spectacular sit-downs with Princess Diana and Michael Jackson and wowing the globe.

However, it was discovered this year that the British journalist used dubious techniques to get Diana to undertake the 1995 interview, including reportedly fabricating documents.

Now, on his podcast “Naughty But Nice with Rob,” Diddy’s former publicist Rob Shuter has claimed that Puffy was the disgraced journalist’s next target.

Bashir even “flirted” with Shuter, according to Shuter, in an attempt to win him over.

“He called me himself within months [after the 2004 Michael Jackson show] to meet me to do Diddy,” Shuter recalled.

“He wanted Diddy to be the third and last installment in the trilogy. Martin Bashir flattering my ego by calling me a Michael Jackson spectacular when I was a kid.”

“He took me to The Soho House for dinner. He put me through my paces. He made a pass at me. He sent me an email. Shuter remarked, “He played, he giggled all to get Diddy.”

However, he said that the rapper turned it off.

“So I called [Diddy] and said, ‘Martin Bashir wants to do you after Michael Jackson.’ ‘Hell no!’ said Puff. I’m not going to sit with him.'”

“But I got to see Martin Bashir and I got to see how he worked,” Shuter said, adding that Diddy made the right decision. And the way he manipulated and touched your knee when you were seated. Clearly, he was aware that I was a gay adolescent. That has never happened to me before. Diane Sawyer never touched my knee when she interviewed my clients.”

Bashir sent flowers to Shuter’s office, according to Shuter, who has previously represented Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, and many others.

“You’d think we were dating,” she says. He described it as “wild and creepy.”

He admitted, “I knew I was being played, I knew it.”

Shuter is now working on “The Four-Word Answer,” a self-help book.

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