January 29, 2022


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Dj Khaled Reveals How Nas Reacted To Jay Z’s Verse On ‘Sorry Not Sorry’

DJ Khaled’s “Sorry Not Sorry” is still one of the album’s highlights, with Nas and Jay-Z providing incredible lines.

The world went crazy over Jay-“other Z’s B” line, particularly with Beyoncé’s fast “Hey” in the middle of his verse. After hearing it, Lil Baby was reciting lines from it.

Khaled shared some behind-the-scenes videos from his session with Nas, where he first heard Jay’s verse. “Hey, dude. That’s crazy, yo “Before Khaled Facetimes Hov, Nas said.

“So, I’m just here tweaking lines and shit. I’m in here ready to re-write four bars and shit here and there. Yo, ‘Japanese whiskey.’ ‘Y’all n****as got bands but we dance to a different drum.’ Oh, no, no, no. I gotta come back,” Nas said with laughter in his voice while Hov cracks up over Facetime. “This is definitely one for the books.”

“JAY and NAS on one record has been a lifelong dream! And I’m so glad it happened the way it did!TRUE brotherhood! Amazing energy! And love! God was in the booth, on set, and all over this ALBUM,” Khaled said before clarifying that Nas was only joking and no bars were altered. “By the way no lines were changed it was PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL,” he added.

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