January 29, 2022


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DMX’s Friend Jungle Has Apologized For Hijacking The Rapper’s Funeral With His Infamous Speech

Family and friends paid their final respects to DMX last weekend, while fans watched the memorial and funeral from the comfort of their own homes.

While the memorial was a little late, it turned out to be a wonderful celebration of X’s life, with his children and family sharing heartfelt tributes to the rapper.

However, it was at the funeral that things were a little out of hand. Jungle, X’s pal, crashed the stage to give a speech about himself, but he was eventually thrown off the stage.

Ruff Ryders CEO Darin Dee Dean took to Instagram to announce that Jungle directly approached him on his block to apologize for his words.

Jungle is seen on the phone with Reverend A.R. Bernard, who apologizes for his behavior.

“As Earl Simmons’ personal friend, I became emotional, disappointed, and angry about the situation, and it just turned out that way. That wasn’t my aim at all “Jungle said over the phone. “And it was certainly not my intention to disrespect anyone’s home, let alone their operation.”

Later in the video, Jungle is seen with members of the Ruff Ryders on their block, where he apologizes publicly to everyone who was offended by his conduct.

“I saw the video and didn’t like what I saw, so I decided to express my regret. to Earl’s family and friends, “he said.

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