October 24, 2021


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Doja Cat Took Tumble On Stage Last Night Before Pulling A Beyonce

,Doja Cat’s superb artistry was on full display after she recovered from an unexpected tumble during a performance in Miami on Saturday night.

The singer was bouncing out to her hit “Tia Tamera,” which she co-wrote with Rico Nasty, when she tripped and fell on her back.

Fans yelled in disbelief, but Doja sprang back up on her knees and resumed tossing her hair, echoing Beyonce’s equally incredible comeback after tumbling down a flight of stairs on stage during a 2007 performance.

Doja was praised on social media for rising and acting as if nothing had happened, with one user writing, “That’s how it’s done. Continue on as though nothing has occurred.”

Doja was unconcerned with the incident, tweeting about it “Someone please send me the footage of my last night’s fall. Thank you for posting in the thread below.”

The singer of “Kiss Me More” has bounced back, demonstrating that she is not going to let anything stand in the way of the success of her latest album, Planet Her.

With features from Young Thug, The Weekend, and JID, the project raced to the top of the charts, earning her the record for the biggest first-day debut for a female rapper on Spotify.

Doja even reposted a fan’s post of a looped version of her fall, implying that she could turn it into a beat— and based on her retweet, she appears to be up for the challenge.

Doja is the only person who could make a song out of sounds from their own slip.


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