January 18, 2022


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Druski Imitates Quando Rondo Perfectly During His Angela Yee Interview

Quando Rondo was thrown into the spotlight after King Von’s death, since it was claimed that his group was involved in the confrontation that resulted in Von’s death.

Several remarks were made on social media, and Quando Rondo ultimately sat down with Angela Yee in the back of a vehicle for a lengthy chat.

Rondo’s conduct in the interview was instantly criticized, as it appeared like he was avoiding questions and attempting to appear empathetic.

Druski has been working on his Quando Rondo imitation since then, and he finally exposed it to the public this week.

He shared a new sketch on Instagram, in which he is disguised as Quando Rondo and sitting in the back of a vehicle.

As you can see, the comedian is accompanied by a lady who is portraying Angela Yee, and he is hitting all of the right notes.

Druski embarks on a series of incomprehensible rants throughout the sketch, which are designed to mirror Quando Rondo’s own narrative telling.

From then, he keeps repeating the phrase “ma’am,” which Rondo used several times throughout his interview.

Lil Yachty and Adin Ross, among others, thought the entire act was funny and posted nice comments.

If you’ve seen the original Rondo interview, you’ll notice that the Druski impersonation is quite accurate.

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