October 15, 2021


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Dustin Poirier’s Wife Gave Conor Mcgregor The Middle Finger While He Sat There With A Broken Finger

Following his devastating loss to Dustin Poirier in the UFC 264 main event on Sunday, Conor McGregor once again drew his opponent’s wife into the feud.

The Irishman stepped back late in the first round of their Trilogy fight at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, and his leg shattered and crumbled beneath him.

Despite making it to the finish of the round, McGregor’s leg was badly wounded, and the bout was called off.

He screamed at officials to ensure the result was ruled a doctor’s stoppage, and then erupted in a nasty rage while being interviewed by Joe Rogan while sitting against the cage after the bout.

The Notorious couldn’t help but throw one last jab at his American opponent, who had crushed the lightweight competition.

I was punching the hell out of his skull and kicking the hell out of his leg. McGregor shouted, “Usual s***e, dive to bridge the distance.”

“It’s not over yet. It’s time for me to take this outside with him.

“There was no check,” says the narrator. There was not a single check among them. I’ve added your wife to my contact list.

“Hey, darling, give me a call and we’ll talk later.” We’re going to the Wynn nightclub for an afterparty, baby.”

During the heated exchange, Poirier’s wife was seen giving McGregor the middle finger.

McGregor published what seemed to be a screenshot of Jolie Poirier’s direct message request on Twitter earlier this week.

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