January 26, 2022


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Eight New Local COVID-19 Cases Recorded In Victoria As Lockdown Comes To An End

On the first day after the lockdown was lifted, Victoria documented eight new local cases of coronavirus. All of the cases were linked to current epidemics and were quarantined for the duration of their infectious period.

A slew of restrictions was lifted across the state as of midnight, with schools, gyms, and hospitality and retail enterprises reopening today.

Visitors to residences are not authorized under the existing laws, and public gatherings outside have been limited to a maximum of ten individuals.

Indoors and out, masks are still necessary to be worn.

The five-kilometer travel limit has been removed, allowing residents to travel to regional Victoria as a family.

Despite the lifting of the lockdown, Melbourne’s CBD was a ghost town this morning, with the city’s streets and laneways deserted, dealing another blow to the city’s beleaguered hospitality industry.

Cafes, restaurants, and bars rely on tourists and workers for revenue, and several have told 9News they are on the verge of going out of business.

There have been calls for more financial assistance to be given to struggling firms that have been hampered by the city’s yoyoing in and out of lockdowns.

“We are not gaining money by opening; we are still losing money,” a Melbourne hospitality industry owner explained.

“To be honest, we’re on the verge of going bankrupt. At 8 a.m., there is no one around.”

Many businesses would be unable to open as a result of the new limitations, according to Chapel Street Precinct General Manager Chrissie Maus.

“Many small business owners will stagger out of the fifth lockdown with their cash and energy reserves depleted,” she said.

“The truth is, Victoria won’t be out of lockdown until tomorrow.” As the limitations loosen slightly, we just go into a slightly larger cage.

“I predict that half of the cafes on Chapel Street will remain closed for a few weeks due to strict density quotas that are plain inequitable.”

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