October 24, 2021


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Euro 2020 Game Resumes After Collapse Of Danish Soccer Player Christian Eriksen

After Danish soccer star Christian Eriksen fainted in the first half of the game, the Euro 2020 match between Denmark and Finland continued over two hours later on Saturday.

Around the 42nd minute, the star midfielder was walking alone along the sideline when he looked to stumble and then fall forwards. Trainers were asked to hurry to his rescue by their teammates.

As medics administered CPR on Eriksen, his teammates formed a ring around him.

According to CN Sports, players from both sides were in tears when the stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark, became quiet.

Fabrice Muamba, a former Bolton Wanderers player who died in 2012 after having a heart attack during a televised FA Cup match, remarked in a tweet, “Please God.”

Eriksen, 29, was stretchered off the pitch after requiring medical care for nearly 10 minutes. According to the Union of European Football Associations, he was then taken to a hospital and is now stable.

According to Denmark’s soccer regulatory organization, Eriksen is awake. Officials have stated that more investigations would be carried out.

The game was called off due to a medical issue, but after hearing petitions from both sides’ players, UEFA “decided to continue the contest.”

“Moments like this put everything in life into perspective,” UEFA President Leksander Eferin stated in a statement. I wish Christian a healthy and rapid recovery, and I pray for strength and faith for his family.”

“At this moment, the football family’s solidarity is so powerful, and he and his family carry the well thoughts and prayers of everyone with them. I heard both teams’ supporters yelling his name. Football is a lovely sport, and Christian excels at it,” he continued.

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