January 29, 2022


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Fan Tackled By Security During The Wizards-76ers Series Game 4 In Washington

NBA fans are back on the courts with all that bad behaviour!

The most recent occurrence occurred during Game 4 of the Wizards-76ers series in Washington, when a fan was tackled by security while attempting to run onto the court.

With Washington up 80-74 late in the third quarter, the male, who was later arrested and banned from the arena, didn’t get far.

He was tackled by the legs and then restrained by a security guard along the baseline.

Another example of an NBA fan behaving badly during the playoffs.

A Celtics fan was arrested in Boston on Sunday after hurling a water bottle at Nets star Kyrie Irving.

Trae Young of the Hawks was spit on at Madison Square Garden, and Russell Westbrook was sprayed with popcorn in Philadelphia.

Grizzlies forwards Ja Morant’s parents claimed that during their series against the Jazz, they were abused by Jazz supporters who made filthy and racist statements.

The relevant arena has banned all fans suspected of being part in the previous incidents indefinitely.


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