January 26, 2022


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Fans Can’t Believe How Big Drake Has Become

Many of Drake’s fans are noticing a noticeable change in his physique after seeing a recent video of him in the gym with his mates.

Drake seems to be putting a lot of emphasis on his health and wellbeing as he recovers from knee surgery last year, flaunting his lean body after a workout.

Drake was caught on camera by Baka Not Good, one of his label’s rappers, capping up one of his people.

Drake’s shirtless torso looked tighter and more ripped than in previous months when holding his shirt in his hands, as commenters on the post noted.

One fan wrote underneath the video, “Goddamn drizzy big af.”

Drake wore purple sneakers and grey sweatpants, which drew the attention of all the ladies who wanted to see what the 34-year-old was up to.

Despite his obvious improvements in the gym, many people are speculating that he may have purchased his body.

When the video was reposted by blog page @its onsite, one commenter said, “He needs to let us know who that lipo doctor is because they did a nice job.”

People on social media shared this sentiment, claiming Drake didn’t work as hard as he seems to have to get his chiselled abs and chest.

Do you think Drake splurged on a cosmetic surgeon to achieve this physique? Or do you think he came up with this look on his own?

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  • DRAKE: John Salangsang/Shutterstock
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