October 15, 2021


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Farmer Charged With Wife’s Murder 40 Years Later After The Body Was Discovered In A Septic Tank

A farmer is accused of murdering his wife, whose body was discovered in a septic tank.

Brenda Venables, 48, was reported missing from the couple’s house in Bestmans Lane, Kempsey, in 1982. David Venables, 88, is accused of killing her.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said today that pensioner Venables will appear in Worcester Magistrates’ Court on June 15.

Mrs. Venables’ remains were discovered at the home in the Worcestershire village on July 12, 2019, prompting West Mercia Police to initiate a murder enquiry.

“The decision to authorize the charge against the defendant was decided following careful assessment of all the relevant information in this complicated case and concluding that a prosecution is warranted in the public interest,” said Mark Paul, head of the complex casework unit.

“The alleged offences took place between May 2 and 5, 1982.

“The job of the CPS is to make fair, independent, and objective evaluations regarding whether criminal charges are appropriate, not to evaluate whether a person is guilty of a criminal offence.

“Criminal processes are now underway, and there must be no internet reporting, commenting, or sharing of material that could jeopardize them.”

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