September 26, 2021


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Florida Police Arrest Woman Accused Of Accidentally Shooting Sister In Head

On Sunday night, Miami Beach police detained a woman accused of accidentally shooting her 18-year-old sister in the head while traveling in a car.

Taniyria Holt, a 24-year-old Atlanta woman, was in the front seat of a Jaguar SUV when tragedy struck. She was holding another passenger’s firearm.

“Ms. Holt was using a weapon owned by [another lady], a 9MM, when she racked the handgun and noticed a live round being ejected,” according to the arrest report.

“Ms. Holt stated she went to transfer the pistol over to her sister, Ms. Ponder, thinking it was free of live ammunition, but mistakenly shot her.”

Dre’Naya Ponder, 18, was in serious condition and on life support as of Tuesday afternoon. She is not expected to live. Doctors were waiting for her family to arrive from Georgia.

According to the arrest record, Holt was detained and charged with culpable negligence with harm and improper display of a firearm, but she might be charged with manslaughter if her sister is taken off life support.

The “gunshot wound may have been self-inflicted,” Miami Beach police claimed on Sunday night, but noted Monday in an update that the “initial 911 information received indicating the gunshot wound was self-inflicted was not true.”

Holt is presently incarcerated in Miami’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

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