October 16, 2021


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Floyd Mayweather Reveals His Residences In Las Vegas Was Burglarized Offers $100K For Information

Floyd Mayweather is more concerned about a recent theft at one of his residences, despite apparently earning tens of millions of dollars to go round-by-round versus Logan Paul.

After committing “legalized bank robbery” during his Paul fight, which disappointed many fans, the millionaire boxing superstar took some time off, but he returned to Instagram about an hour ago to reveal that he had lately been the victim of a heist.

Mayweather opened his lecture by saying, “One’s house is their refuge, a haven of serenity, relaxation, and comfort.” “It’s upsetting and heartbreaking when someone breaks that refuge.”

“In Las Vegas, one of my properties was broken into. They took a number of high-value purses and other costly items. He went on without elaborating on what was missing. For information leading to the restitution of my things, I am offering a reward of at least $100,000. It’s unbelievable how much disdain and greed it takes to conduct something like this. Thank you to everyone who has contributed information. God’s blessings.”

We’re not sure who would be bold enough to get into Mayweather’s opulent Las Vegas mansion, but we’re sure he has security cameras installed from front to back.

Mayweather’s Las Vegas house was reportedly broken into in 2017, with $150K worth of goods stolen.

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