October 24, 2021


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Foolio Destroys NBA Youngboy’s Camp Says It’s Full Of ‘Yes Men’ And Reason The Rapper Got Indicted

Foolio has been incredibly busy as of late, having built up momentum with songs like “Whip Bump” and the Fantasia-inspired “When I See You.”

The Florida rapper made news for his recent comments regarding NBA YoungBoy’s group, which he claims is “doing terrible” without the “WUSYANAME” rapper.

Now, in a new clip from his conversation with DJ Vlad, Foolio reveals where his beef with NBA YoungBoy originates from, as well as giving another heated perspective on NBA YoungBoy and his squad.

Foolio initially talks about how he and NBA YoungBoy didn’t get along, claiming that the Until I Return rapper started it all by calling Foolio out on tracks.

“On the tune, he asked something to the effect of, ‘What you want Foolio?’ The Florida artist tells Vlad, “B*tch a** boy. Here’s another one: ‘Foolio, you b*tch.’ That’s two strikes, in my opinion. Who the f*ck is he talking about, anyway? Then I’m looking at the views and all, and you know what’s going to happen with the supporters. The admirers are going to start spamming you in the comments. When we tracked his a**, he happened to get scheduled for a concert in Jacksonville.”

“Foolio let that hammer bust, slide one time and you taste the dust/when That’s you n*ggas die (B*tch ass n*gga),” NBA YoungBoy rapped on “Play Wit Us.”

The topic then moves to NBA’s arrest and the terrible legal predicament he’s in, with Foolio claiming that YoungBoy’s awful condition stems from his lack of a competent team around him.

He says, “I be watching him occasionally because his group is full of like ‘Yes Men.'” “So they’re not going to inform him if he’s mistaken.”

Right now, my circle is going to inform me when I’m correct and when I’m incorrect. ‘You don’t have to post that….just That’s extra…’ ‘Just take a deep breath and relax.’

“Like right now,” Foolio says, “I ain’t in the hood 24/7 no longer. Do it from a safe distance, you understand?” Don’t put yourself in a position to fail. What are you doing with firearms in your video if you’re a felon?”

One of NBA YoungBoy’s colleagues, Herm, recently called Foolio out for similar conduct, criticizing the Florida rapper for bringing up the Top rapper’s name in order to stay relevant.

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