October 24, 2021


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Gary Owen’s Estranged Wife Slams His Wendy Williams Appearance Even As The TV Host Shoots Her Shot At The Comedic

Wendy Williams and Gary Owen’s conversation did not sit well with Gary Owen’s estranged wife.

Owen and Kenya Duke have been through a difficult divorce for months, which has primarily been documented on her Instagram page.

Owen opened out about his divorce from Kenya after a 17-year marriage for the first time.

The pair had been together for 23 years and, like many other relationships, it had come to an end, according to Owen.

The comic also stated that he preferred to keep things secret, while Duke chose to publicize their relationship on social media.

She’s accused him of adultery, being a cheapskate, and being a deadbeat parent, and Duke took to Instagram after his interview to make further claims against her ex.

“I was shocked you spent most of your time talking about me, the divorce, son and daughter,” Duke wrote.

She informed him that he should have talked more about his projects and club appearances and that he should have shut Williams down when asked about the divorce.

“Why didn’t you?… because you want my attention and you knew someone would send it to me.”

Duke went on a rant about his interview, what was asked of him, and how he responded, before telling a story about a woman named Lisa.

She also revealed that he lied to one of his children about a canceled program and that he did not invite his children to the premiere of Meet The Blacks 2.

Owen allegedly surprised Lisa’s daughter with a chance to meet Snoop Dogg at the premiere, and Duke was enraged that he didn’t do the same for his older children.

“Did it cross your mind how that picture with you, her and Snoop would make them feel?” she inquired. “Do better!… The text relationship is a joke and not worth discussing.”

She said that Owen should have used his time on The Wendy Williams Show bragging about his children, and she continued on about Owen’s buddy Claudia Jordan, implying that Jordan continues to speak about their divorce because Owen is providing her information.

Duke received a barrage of criticism when the public advised her she shouldn’t discuss the details of her relationship on social media.

She then issued a public service announcement, stating that she will do anything she wants with her space. Take a look at everything down below.

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