October 15, 2021


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Georgia Man Beat To Death A 63-Year-Old Over Card Game

After a disagreement over a card game, a Georgia man was jailed for allegedly beating a guy to death.

Sherrod Montgomery, 41, of Carrollton, has been charged with murder in connection with an incident on May 20 at a home in Bowdon’s 100 block of Kent Avenue.

The Bowdon Police Department requested the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office’s assistance in investigating what looked to be an aggravated assault at the address, according to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

After an argument erupted during a card game at the property, Montgomery allegedly got into a physical struggle with the victim, 63-year-old Ricky Cox of Bowdon.

Montgomery is claimed to have begun kicking and hitting Cox while they were playing cards, then flipping a table and continuing to abuse Cox.

While others in the residence attempted to intervene and pull the suspect away, the assault continued.

After a confrontation with Cox, who was not lucid or aware at the time and was being carried from the floor to the couch, Montgomery left the house as the others dialed 911.

Cox was taken to Tanner Medical Center, but he died as a result of his injuries.

Following Cox’s death, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department started a homicide inquiry.

The sheriff’s office said in a statement that “over the course of this comprehensive investigation, it was discovered Cox sustained blunt force trauma to the head and torso, which resulted in his lung and heart being lacerated, which were considered to be contributing factors in his death.”

Montgomery was questioned the night of Cox’s death, but he refused to say what happened during the card game that prompted him to attack Cox.

Montgomery was initially charged with murder, but once investigators obtained the medical examiner’s report for Cox, he was charged with malicious murder.

According to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, charges of malice murder can be brought against a defendant if there is no significant provocation and all circumstances surrounding the death reveal “an abandoned and malignant heart.”

“Witnesses described Cox as a non-confrontational person who was extremely easygoing, and he will be missed by those who knew him,” according to a statement from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

“During this terrible time, we asked that everyone keep his family in their thoughts and prayers.”

Montgomery was arrested and taken to the Carroll County jail, where he is now being held without bond.

For more information, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office has been contacted.

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