January 26, 2022


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Glamorous WAG Taylor Winterstein Had Police Rock Up To Her Home To Serve Her Fines & She Kicked Them Out

WAG with a sense of style Taylor Winterstein took to Instagram to share video of cops showing up at her house today to present her and her footballer husband with two $1000 Covid protest fines.

The ardent anti-vaxxer demanded the two plain clothes officers produce “proof” they were cops in the video, which she posted to her Instagram account with 70,000 followers.

They are also accused of “trespassing on my private property,” according to her.

She stated it wasn’t enough when one detective put up his badge and wanted additional “proof.”

Ms Winterstein was pictured visibly engaging in Saturday’s unofficial anti-lockdown rally in Sydney’s CBD with her husband, former Manly NRL star Frank Winterstein.

She shared several long videos of them during the demonstration on Instagram, in which she can be heard urging her husband not to go “near any media cameras.”

Ms Winterstein shared the latest footage on Sunday afternoon, as police around Sydney were “flat out” looking for rule violators to serve infringement notices for the event the day before.

The 32-year-old and her 34-year-old husband were handed $1000 notices by NSW Police “for breaking public health orders after they left home without a justifiable justification and attended the Sydney CBD protest,” according to news.com.au.

The disguised detectives are filmed by Taylor as they access the Winterstein home through a front gate.

The detective responds, “We’re not trespassing,” to which she responds, “Yes, you are.”

When her father, Campbelltown landscaper Ces Moors, who lives next door, tries to intercede, Ms Winterstein yells, “Dad, Dad, Dad, just a second!”

“Can I see actual evidence, not a badge, that you are a detective?” she asks the second detective.

He hands her a police paper, and she begs, “Can I please have a look at it?”

She responds, “Yeah, and I’ve got this on camera too,” as he says, “Before we go on, I’ve got this on camera.”

The investigator tried to say something to Ms Winterstein, but she kept interrupting and asked, “How have you got grounds to trespass on private property?”

“We have a common law right to enter your property,” he says. “Do you want us to leave?”

When she answers “okay,” he says, “We’ll mail the infringement notice,” and Mr Moors opens the gate to let the two detectives depart.

As they cross the street to get into their car, Ms Winterstein films them.

“POLICE arrived to my house and I sent them away,” Ms Winterstein wrote for her Instagram followers with the footage.

“Breathe. Maintain your position. Respect each other. Understand your legal rights. You do not need to be afraid.

“And good luck to all those keyboard warriors who are tagging NSW police and reporting me to Crime Stoppers.”

“Inspiration post for everyone who is copping it right now, from family & friends, for showing up yesterday,” she wrote over the weekend.

“First and foremost, F*** WHAT THEY THINK. Yesterday, you were on the right side of history; stand tall and proud.”

Ms Winterstein can be heard chanting “no vaccine passport” and “no more lockdown” in one of the crowd recordings.

Ms Winterstein, a former Wests Tigers receptionist, and her husband, former Samoan international Frank Winterstein, have been married for eight years and have two small children.

Winterstein’s Instagram handle @tays way_ refers to her website and online influence company as the “Tay’s Way Movement.”

Meet The Wintersteins, a podcast she and her husband host, is also a success.

The mother-of-two and WAG runs Workshops on the hazards of vaccinations, which cost $220 each, and parent empowerment seminars called Families for Freedom, also cost $220 each.

Ms. Winterstein acted as a spokesperson for the anti-vaccine film Vaxxed.

She claims to have done her own vaccination research online and asserts that there is a “strong core group” of anti-vaxxers among NRL couples.

“I know for a FACT there are MANY high profile, ‘influencers’ on social media among the sport and wellness business who do not vaccinate their children but will not publicly disclose their beliefs,” Ms Winterstein was quoted as saying in 2019.

Ms Winterstein branded her husband’s home nation “NaziSamoa” in 2019, when a measles outbreak swept throughout the Pacific.

The Samoan government implemented mandatory vaccination for all children and adults after 4000 of its 200,000 people became ill and 32 died in a short period of time.

It proclaimed a state of emergency and prohibited youngsters from assembling in public places.

Only persons who were wearing masks were infected with Covid-10, according to Taylor and Frank Winterstein, who both posted alerts on Instagram last week.

The warning stated, “Friendly reminder, the tens of thousands of maskless individuals marching in Sydney today are not the ones lining up to get tested or pricked.”

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