December 2, 2021


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Halle Berry Explained Her ‘Weird’ Turn-On To Young M.A. & Twitter Is Obsessed

It’s possible that you’ve seen Halle Berry’s latest project on Netflix an original film made in collaboration with the streaming service called Bruised.

The film tells the story of an MMA fighter who attempts to reclaim her ring glory after reconnecting with the son she had given up for adoption years before. Halle Berry is the star of the film.

Besides having an enticing storyline, the film also has a star-studded soundtrack, which includes songs from artists such as Cardi B, Saweetie, and the City Girls, as well as Young M.A., who recently had the opportunity to sit down with Berry and discuss a few things, including their “weird” turn-ons.

Prior to responding, Berry brazenly baited the rapper, saying, “Only because you’re asking me.” If this is unusual, I don’t know what it is, but I like it when you’re kissing someone and they type of suck the tongue.

“It may not seem strange, but it is what I am attracted to.” M.A.’s face was lit up with a smile from ear to ear before the Catwoman actress had even finished her statement. M.A.

“Hello,” the “BIG” recording artist remarked, a sly grin on his face.

“That’s not strange, that’s not strange at all. “Wow, that’s simply wonderful,” she said, giving her thumbs up.

There have been several amusing replies to the encounter from viewers online, including one from Kid Cudi, who retweeted the footage along with a flirting message of his own to the world.

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