October 24, 2021


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Hazel-E Carries On In Her One Sided Beef With Cardi B Over Princess Party

Hazel-E has maintained her tirade against Cardi B as she prepares for the release of her Normani collaboration “Wild Side,” which is set to debut tonight.

The former Love & Hip Hop actress came to social media this week to accuse Cardi of copying her look for Kulture’s opulent princess-themed birthday party.

Cardi and Offset went all out for their daughter’s third birthday celebration, even giving her a $250K Richard Mille watch.

Hazel-E observed that photos and photographs from the enjoyable get-together were published all over social media.

She reacted with subliminal jabs directed at Cardi, sharing photographs from her one-year-old daughter’s princess birthday celebrations, which occurred just a few weeks ago.

Hazel-E was mocked by the public after it was pointed out to her that throwing a princess party for a little girl is a frequent theme, but she took to Instagram today to reiterate her criticisms.

She went into detail about the decorations, food, and entertainment she hired before launching into a tirade against sceptics and bloggers who she claims took sides.

“Quack Quack b*tches, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, guess what!” Hazel-E penned a letter. If it had been false, it would have never gained traction. I can’t switch back and forth with this generation because I’m far too old for it. Snitching is acceptable, as is not drinking water, treating scamming as a job, going about without a mask in a pandemic, and racing to get a vaccine to go outside regardless of the negative effects; always seeking instant pleasure.”

“In my generation, we give credit where credit is due… I’ve been thriving,”  she remarked.

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