January 29, 2022


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Highway Rick Ross Slams Snowfall For Allegedly Stealing His Story Says Rapper Rick Ross Is Avoiding Him

Highway Rick Ross has a fascinating backstory.

In reality, his story is so incredible that he claims Snowfall, the famous FX series, is based on him.

The legend talked about how Snowfall supposedly took his life story and turned it into a mainstream TV show during his most recent interview with Shirley Ju on Shirley’s Temple.

Freeway Rick Ross said of Snowfall, “They stole my life story, that’s my life story.”

“Yes, they plagiarised my story. It’s a proven fact. John Singleton and I were supposed to be collaborating on a film, which is still in the works. We’re about to begin casting for the film.”

He elaborated on this later in the interview.

“There’s a lot to it. It’s my tale, and they’re the ones who are benefiting from it “he said “I’m not getting something out of it.”

Freeway went on to discuss his latest autobiography, The 21 Keys of Success, in which he detailed his story.

Freeway previously discussed his decade-long feud with rapper Rick Ross, whom he claims has made a “mockery” of his reputation. He thinks Rozay avoids making contact with him.

“I believe he is avoiding me. He keeps his distance from me” Freeway said.

“I went to places where he was supposed to be a couple of times and he was nowhere to be found. He had vanished without a trace. I made contact with him as well, attempting to make amends. I told him that if we collaborated, we could possibly support more people. But then he made fun of me on The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club disappointed me the most because they did not invite me on to refute what he said about me.”

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